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What is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is a term that applies to any legal dispute where two or more parties are seeking monetary damages or a specific performance and does not include criminal accusations. Some cases go to trial in which a judge will determine the outcome, but not all will. There are many different types of civil litigation.

All cases that are not criminal in nature come under the civil case category and again we offer the best legal services and suggestions to get the desired verdict. The services include Civil injections, both permanent and mandatory injections,

  • Recovery of money
  • Suite for recovery of civil damage
  • Dealing with cases arising out of breaches of the business agreement and commercial transactions
  • Helping in the enforcement of the contract, enforcement of arbitration agreement matters
  • Filing and defending various appeals in the high court
  • Drafting and vetting of all types of legal documents related to contracts, agreements and sales, purchase, transfer, assignment of property
  • Helping clients in job or employment matters by getting the pending due from the employer or employers.
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