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Criminal Law means offences and it includes felonies and misdemeanors. The standard of proof for crimes is "beyond a reasonable doubt." Indian Criminal Laws deal with three major acts i.e. Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Besides these major acts, special Criminal Laws are also passed by Indian Parliament i.e. NDPS, Prevention of Corruption Act, Food Adulteration Act, Dowry Prevention Act, etc. and thousands other minor laws are made in India. A body of rules and statutes that defines the conduct which are prohibited by the government because it threatens and harms public safety and welfare and that establishes punishment to be imposed for the commission of such acts.

Legal services under the criminal law include –

  • Filing and then defending the bail application under section 437 Cr PC
  • Getting anticipatory bail under section 438 CR PC from session court or high court
  • Bail application under section 439 Cr PC from the session’s court and high court
  • Filing and defending criminal complaints cases under section 156 (3) of Cr PC
  • The lawyer also files, defends and offers legal advice on defamation cases
  • The legal suggestion and services on police matters, FIR matters
  • Legal services on the passport act, customs act, FEMA, and FOREX act, which attract criminal prosecution
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