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If you are the victim of dowry demand and harassment by your husband and in-laws:

If you are the victim of harassment, neglect, deprivation, torture (physical, emotional or economical) by your husband and in-law for dowry and any other issues, we, at Pankaj Kumar & Co., as a specialist divorce and matrimonial disputes lawyers can help protect your rights and interest through legal recourse as per your suitability and desirability which includes filing complaint for registration of FIR against your husband and in-laws, filing domestic violence case, maintenance case, etc. By opting for legal recourse you can get your husband and in-laws punished for committing violence upon you and demanding dowry and misappropriating your articles and jewellery. Through legal recourse, we also ensure adequate maintenance order for you and your child from the Court apart from restraining order against your husband and in-laws and any other person causing domestic violence, protection order, residence order, monetary relief including maintenance and rent for alternate accommodation, custody of child and maintenance for child, stay on the sell and transfer of shared household/matrimonial house and other properties of spouse, getting back istridhan articles, jewellery etc., compensation for domestic violence, damages and loss to istridhan.

Before you file a case against your husband and in-laws, you should consult us or any other specialist divorce lawyers/matrimonial disputes lawyer. We will help you opt for a right strategy to initiate and proceed with your case. People may sometimes misunderstand the legal provisions and end filing a wrong case or filing a weaker case which leads to causing them serious damage and disadvantage during court proceedings. Therefore, the first thing you should do is contact us or any other qualified divorce case lawyer. It also help to talk to us about how to gather evidence that can support your case. Be sure to let us being your lawyers know about each and every facts of your case without hiding anything including any possible evidence, phone recording, video recording or documents that your opponent may have as well. We will let you know what evidence is admissible and relevant to the case.

If you want to defend a false dowry case filed by your wife:

On the other hand, if you've been falsely accused of dowry harassment or domestic violence by your wife, we as a specialist divorce and matrimonial disputes Lawyer can help keep you away from suffering any adverse/unreasonable/unjust orders from the Court by defending your case with full force, integrity and legal acumen so that you and your family members falsely accused by your wife get exonerated/discharged from the false allegations thereby restoring your right to live with dignity, self respect and peace. The first thing you should do is to contact us or any other qualified divorce case lawyer/matrimonial disputes lawyer as soon as you realise that dispute has arisen in your matrimonial life as even a small matrimonial disputes sometimes leads to filing criminal complaint by your wife falsely alleging dowry demand, beating, torture, criminal breach of trust, domestic violence etc. which may have serious consequences for you and your family. We will let you know about the ways and strategy to defend the false allegations of your wife. As early as you contact us, we would be able to make proper strategy to defend you in the Court by taking all necessary steps including making necessary documentation, collection of evidence etc.

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